Monday, January 23, 2006



so... Matt (Matt's Flicker) and I had been taking photo's for about 15 minutes before a guy came out and said that they (Brenden I guess) could not allow us to take photo's on the premisses. I asked him where the premises ended and made him point out the line... other than telling me that the curvature of the yellow concrete was there property line he could not have been more of an idolt. I explained that it's certainly NOT illegal to take pictures of anything anywhere unless posted that it's prohibited by federal or state law (and those are for national security reasons usually). I stated That I have that right to take a photo on his premisses but if he wished me not to tresspass that's is another matter... heh, I was roughing his feathers for sure. Matt took a photo of him which really pissed him off (he got a little mad but didn't threaten us to directly) and then he told us he would call the cops if we kept taking photo's of the theater even on a public sidewalk. I tell you if it wasn't late I would of loved to challenge him and may at some point... but it was late and I know my rights (and was cold and hungry).


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interesting story