Monday, March 13, 2006

day in the life

• working on page 4 of 4 that I wanted to color today.. JSA;Classified#11

• listening to a GREAT This American Life right now: find the Habeas Schmabeas one.. WAY GOOD

• Sent Biz cards to the printer for my uncle today

• Sent Bachloret Party invites to the printer for stacy

• Tried to Talk to someone at Cingular about getting my god damn rebate.. they are such a terrible company

• bought a internal 320 gig drive and 1 gig of Ram for my G5 (2 day ship)

.. it's been a productive day.. and I didn't wake up till 12:30pm... and it's 12am now

gonna stay up till 2 I think and finish the last page


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