Monday, April 03, 2006

back from SC

I had a great trip to Santa Cruz with Julie.. it was lots of fun and we did the "bins" two days in a row... paid $15 total

check out the swag (notes on my flickr pages)

Santa Cruz was great on Saturday... Julie and I headed over around 9am and arrived to a beautiful Sunny Day.. we walked did the late bins.. Tawny made some awesome scones... then later I had an awesome Steak dinner at the Red Room... yeah awesome, made everyone try it and they where equally impressed. The day had a wierd note, some old lady tried to get in a fight with us because she didn't like the way we got in line. The Bins require you to buy a ticked ($2.50) and then go stand in line if your early. Well Phil and I stood in line... some people got in line after us and then Julie and Tawny got in line with us. Some lady came up to Tawny and told her that they "have rules" here... heh, she was just mad that we where closer to the junk than she was.. what a bitch I thought... well Tawny and Julie graciously moved to the back of them. When another lady.. her friend started talking about how some people are SO RUDE... basicaly talking about us like we weren't there but it was obviously about us. Tawny was great... she replied; "what I think is rude, is talking about people as if they weren't there yet they are right in front of you!"... heh it was great

She kept going till I looked back at her and said "I'm not moving."

she repiled that I must be sooo special.. and I told her thanks for noticing.. that was pretty much the end of it.

but I still had a great time.. maybe even a better time because of it.. heh

Saturday; more bins and another awesome Tawny breakfast... love her food. made it home by 7 or so.

well all that said.. I got kinda sick.. throat hurt yesterday and I passed out at 9pm, then slept till 8.. ate some oatmeal and passed out till 2 again today, well drinking lots of water and trying to get back up to 100%. I'm heading to SF this weekend for Votch's b-day, APE and a trunk show... 3 locations and the hotel I need to get is pretty far from the events but near where V-man will celebrate turning 30.. man he's old... heh

Personaly I'm in a funk... but I think tonight I'm going to drink some of the main ingredeint to most cold remedies (alcohol but in my case scotch) and paint watercolors.

I'm waiting for a comic book to come in and it's late so I'm a little neverous they are going to give me some crazy deadline

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