Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend Over

Wow what a weekend and a week leading up to it...

My sister came into town for her "modesto" bridal shower and I was the "photo guy for that On Saturday, here's the set:

and then Ruben's and Megan's wedding.. I'm glad he found a photographer to do it (turned out to be Clark, nice guy from Modesto Famous and MJC paper)... even so I brought the the camera and did my thing.


so here I am at home on Sunday.. slept in till 1 (went out with Stacy, Alice and Elisa last night for a few drinks) then did my other flower planter I just put in.. planted some Lavender and moved out the Tiger Grass...

Now it's 6ish and I need to render 2 pages before I turn in for the night.. so I'll take it slow and listen to a great Audio book about the History of the US.. total non-fiction history book in audio format.. man I'm a nerd, but it's good stuff.

.. work, work, work

1 comment:

c said...

wow...your sister looks happy...

i feel aweful about not making it to the wedding though...thanks for the pics..its better than nothing.