Wednesday, September 20, 2006

free cards but better

So.. I continue to just steal my blog posts from awesome sites like boing boing.. and although I think I have a readership of around 12 or so I still want to keep this link for myself... so check out a great way to get some cool cards made up and your first 10 free if you have a Flickr Pro account.

BoingBoing snipit:

"Moo prints beautiful little calling-cards for kids and the young-at-heart. Each card can have a different back, and the undersized cards are just the right size for your name, email address and a URL or two."

link to the free 10 cards for Flickr pro users:

Free 10 cards

I did it.. can't wait.. just 10 biz days


Katie West said...

hey, i had no idea about these, so thanks.

ethernectar said...

When you get them, let me check 'em out. Could be handy.