Tuesday, February 20, 2007

D200 here I come ***Update***

So it's the D200...

I don't need the lens but my buddy does... so it makes more sense to get it with the camera to get him a deal.

can't wait but my deadlines are killing me till Friday or so

Picture 1.png


For Reasons that are complicated I was going to have my budy Travis buy the camera and have it shipped to him, this was his response:

Broadway photo was a complete nightmare to deal with. They tried to up-sale me real aggresively and I told them I wasn't interested. He kept trying and trying. I finally just said he was being real aggresive and I would like him to send me the camera I ordered. He told me "sir this is called capitalism and you live in America" He then went on to tell me that we ordered the Japanese model, all the menu's and directions would be written in Japanese with no options to change to English. The only way to get the English version would be to buy the package deal camera that essentially had all the stuff he was trying to sell me earlier for another 250 bucks. It sounds like complete crap to me but I didn't feel good about it so I told him to fuck off and I would like to cancel my order..........

so we still don't have a camera
(my friend travis)

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