Monday, June 30, 2008

Colorist Develop a Secondary market

We all know that as Colorist we have no legitimate secondary market for our colors. Pencilers and Inkers sell boards but what do we have? Digital files with line work that doesn't belong to us in front of it. Sure there's a few ways to get around it but it's all rather gray on if it's legal or not. Well it looks like that could change.

You may have seen the article on Comicon's Pluse website ( about Chris Sotomayor's new project called Color Master Prints. Basically he's worked a deal where Marvel has agreed to sell one of a kind color art prints of pages and colors. The Artist, Inker and Colorist get's a cut (I have no idea what that is or how it works). Now this isn't exclusive to Marvel and if you color anything for an independent I think it wold be easy to get on board but... well I color mostly DC.

I sent an email to ChrisSotomayor asking about the possibility of getting DC on board for this as well. His suggestion was to mention it to our editors. Now myself being a young upstart with a natural disdain for authority I will send my editors emails.

One or two people won't be enough. There needs to be a demand from consumers to get DC to get on board. I don't think the companies make any money from the print and they shouldn't but an agreement had to be made to make it work. I don't think this is going to be anyone's priority unless we make it one.

Here's the article:;f=36;t=007286

The website that is coming for it:

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