Thursday, September 04, 2008

Trinity #19-21 Covers

hello All

Been kinda busy but thought I would put up my colors for Trinity#19-21 drawn Carlos Pacheco, inked Jesus Merino and colors by me.

The challenge with any of these Trip-tics is maintaining a cohesion but giving each cover enough gusto to stand alone. I like to color them all put together but I often have to do the first in the series and then come back and do the rest because of solicitations.

Knowing little about the story other then where I am on the interior back-up story (at the time around#12) I just went with what was there.

Statues that have been neglected in a broken down memorial/museum. I love the look of bronze cast but going with that color sceme would have been harder to pull off. Luckly I had been to the Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University for some fun and they had tones of Marble blocks, floors, walls and about everything else.

So I took a bunch of pics... take a look at the statue and see if you can see how I incoperated the marble texture into the art.

Last.. but not least was the light effect.

No I did not use the Photoshop Lens Flare effect (NEVER do that).... but I did use it to help me make my own (like a guide). I wanted the light to work across all three issues separately but as one image as well. It's not as constant and I like to do but I think it pulls off a somewhat stoic effect.

What do you think?


TRI Cv19-21


Anonymous said...

Great job! Glad you stayed with the marble look to match the actual statues. Have you seen them?

angryf said...

the actual statues? actually no I didn't know they existed... but yeah the Marble made more sense due to the ruble anyway.