Sunday, March 11, 2007

instant fav

took this today at Tony's wedding... Great time out in the middle of nowhere (past Jamestown on HWY108).

It's 4:05 am... and it wound't be that late if the fucking time didn't change on me today.. tonight, whatever.

Interesting time, work today... road up wiht Forrest, then was the lighting guy and 3rd photographer in the wedding (fine by me.. no preasure). Then felt a little restless on the way home (got a ride with the Edwards). Did an hour or two at the Queen Bean's... had an interesting conversation about how hair is back in (not back hair but body hair) and actually finished a page of JLACLA#38... waiting for Jeff to get back to town.

So I ended up at my friend Emily's birthday kegger with Jeff Bonia (here's a flyer I wipped up for him using one of my watercolors but the text took longer I think then the painting)...

So now it's 4am-ish... going to the City to do photo's tomorrow with my Massy... can't wait just wish I could sleep, well I suppose when I'm dead...


Alison said...

i'm telling you - dress up is the key to curing insomnia. i will even lend you some dresses and lipstick for the cause. but seriously, who wants to sleep when they can be living in this glorious world of ours?! you are one lucky bastard!

Alan Hess said...

Sleep... who needs sleep?