Thursday, March 15, 2007


not so safe harbor of sleep
by atp

there's something about the time before sleep
after the real world of your day
you can't seem to remember
to forget what haunts your soul

the space after bills, food and work
after drinks, friends, work and work
after the busy times
when you brain can't remember
...can't remember to forget

before the sweet innocent slumber
when dreams rule and reality dies
flying, diving, living in a world not your own but your own
but most importantly a world that has forgotten

unless it slips as dreams will do from time to time to time
and she creeps in under the door
through the vault
around the curtain
through the key hole

not a nightmare... no monsters, no death
just memories
but oh so sad, afterwards
your dreams, your sleep, your peace

has failed you

yet to get there...
a chance to sleep
a chance to forget
a chance not to remember

so tired


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