Monday, December 26, 2005

Dirty Love the Review


I didn't expect a lot in fact I heard you had to watch this because it was like driving past a train wreck. There was no shortness of rauncheness, vulgarity, and not so subtle sexual joking.

I liked it... I wish the dumb critics woulds say that at the begining of their interviews... I heard at least one critic blast this movie and I think I know why.. he was a man and problay had never had a new relationship in the modern age to truly understand this movie (otherwords old and married a long time, why would he review a truly modern date movie?). You also need to have some empathy for the female side of the race to undertand that some of the gags are really more to make light of what they go through. It's like that TV add for women's heigene products and at the end one of the women goes... "now I just want some salt!"... err, I got it but I don't think most men did. I listen to my girlfriend in an attempt to understand her needs, gauge her mood and try to make both our lievs better... but aparently this "salt thing" is some fairly universal need when your on your period... (i'm not sure but that's as far as I care to dwelve.)

back to the film...

The beauty of the film is the way it pokes fun at life in LA and what women do.. not in a mean way but in a way as if to ask, What the fuck have we done to ourselves? Why do we let society (or men) tell us how to act? Why should they determine the lengths that we have to go to?

So... lots of laughs and as long as you know you may want to puke at a point or two it's a funny as well.

a thumb up