Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i'm back

LA would be cool except you have to drive.. and traffic sucks ass... lots of cool stuff to tell.. but I'm hungry and tired.. later maybe.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

No, not fuck the USA... I love it!, fuck the way it's ran

I don't want to pay my taxes after seeing this chart knowing that there are people living at poverty levels in a america and 40 million of us don't have helath care.. why... so some asshole I didn't vote for can carpet bomb a village in the middle east.

Boing Boing Article

i'm sure I jsut got added to a terrorist suspect list or a no-fly list somewhere and my phone just got tapped... 1984 to boot

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

sweating a little...

so I know that you should never do a hardware install during a work flow... well, I couldn't stop myself. That extra gig of ram and #20 gig drive came and where just sittiung there staring me in the face...


ok, the 2nd Hard Drive was SO easy!.. man I got that 320 gig for $120.. and it went in like a dream.. everything I needed was in the case.

the ram though... errrr well it was my fault, I forgot that the Ram was banked so I had to put them in certain positions but it took a few restarts.. and yeah I got a little nervous

but now I'm sitting pretty with 2.5 gigs of ram and that extra 320 gigs of hard drive

otherwise... I'm finishing up JSACLA#11.. out of 11 I have 6 done and should have a total of 9 or 10 done tongiht (by 4 am that is).

Then I'm heading to LA for Friday and Saturday (staying with my cuz Doug and his wife Becka)

Then down to SD

Watch out here I come... and I'll get there, oild change and new tires so baring weather or freeway snipers I think I will make it

Monday, March 13, 2006

day in the life

• working on page 4 of 4 that I wanted to color today.. JSA;Classified#11

• listening to a GREAT This American Life right now: find the Habeas Schmabeas one.. WAY GOOD

• Sent Biz cards to the printer for my uncle today

• Sent Bachloret Party invites to the printer for stacy

• Tried to Talk to someone at Cingular about getting my god damn rebate.. they are such a terrible company

• bought a internal 320 gig drive and 1 gig of Ram for my G5 (2 day ship)

.. it's been a productive day.. and I didn't wake up till 12:30pm... and it's 12am now

gonna stay up till 2 I think and finish the last page


Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Well it must seem like my life revolves around shooting Critter but I've had a blast and got some great shots





Critter Set

Friday, March 03, 2006

the Aftermath

The show was great.. made some contacts and reniued some otheres...


photographer Adm Golub golubphoto.com//adm/

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Good night and more

Well.. I sold 5 small water colors and 2 4'X1" paintings that I colaborated on with Phil (the man, but not in the bad way) Baird. So all in all it was a great night...

I also have two paintings hanging at the Tiki Lounge on Mchenry:


I'm also about to tear down my website with ruthless disregard for the current content and build it over again from scratch.. so so I think I'll have a simple one pager until I've got it set up and going... I think by the end of april since I have to basicly teach myself html again... it's been a while

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

2 in one night.. or day

First, is Blogger sucking ass right now or what? It took soooooo long to load.. ok... just had to note that.

I painted most of yesterday and worked on Various pieces.. had some beers and tried to enjoy myself.

I painted these two.. the face I started and finished and teh Geshia I just finished something I started a few weeks ago.

The Geisha I like... it'll get a good reception.


This Face though.. I love it and hate it... I look at it and it strikes me as sexy then repusive in a few seconds of each other.. I would like to hear your comments on it.. be as honest as you want.. I can take it. Go to the link pull up the biggest size and look away then look at it.. tell me if you have the same feeling