Thursday, May 24, 2007

the house is coming along

So the place is looking awesome... and that's 95.9% because of Tawny... She's been a painting mad woman and I've helped a tiny bit but have been trying to work and it's not been that productive of a later week for me (which will make sense later).


I did get the Garden in and we now have:

2 squash plants (yellow and crook neck yello)
2 Tomatos (rutgars and something else)
2 Eggplants
2 jalopeno plants
1 sweet basil herb
1 lemon basil herb
1 oregano plant
1 tarragon plant

All in all it looks pretty good and I hope that I got big enough starter plants to beat the Edwards on there vegetables.

My Room is still a work in progress and the Garage is FULL of boxes but we've decied to have a garage sale to put the money towards a flat screen pasma/LCD for over the fireplace... that's in the air but I think we can sell some stuff via ebay too.

I no longer have a girlfriend but it ended at a good time in the relationship to prevent any sort of broken heart situation for either of us I think but it's never easy and I hope she's finds happness elseware.. it's funny that's pretty much all I want for the people I'm with... be happy...

Tonight is Off The Air at the Fatcat... so I'll do a little unwinding and then walk my bike home to advoid that DUI that's been looming on my horrizin since I turned ... who am I kidding 16.. hah (no I've never got one but I should have). I love living so close to downtown.. ride my bike to it then walk it home... mostly walk.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

work, work, move, work, move, family I.T guy, work... move.. sigh

so you can tell that my life has gotten a little hectic lately...

Good news is I've moved in to a sweet 3 bedroom 2 bath in town in the La Loma area of Modesto. I can walk, bike, stumble home and to entertainment on a whim. Even so moving by myself has been a bit stressful and I've gotten some help from friends and my girlfriend but pretty much tackled it myself (totally my doing too).

My sister has had her baby..
Cooper Louis Weaklend
born early Monday morning April 16th
weighed 7 pounds and 6 ounces and he is 20 inches long

I'm really happy for Stacy and if you want to send her an email or anything just drop me a line and I'll give you the digits.

I'm pretty much off the radar since Cooper sprung out and I really don't mind it much except I've become the family I.T. guy and I fucking hate dealing with internte/PC/windows/network shit... hum I guess I could have wrote how I REALY feel huh... so I have to help get a camera set up so my fam can see Cooper doing his baby thing over the web... sigh

Work is going Well.. doing Batman Confidential #6 right now and have 3 books to work on when I'm done.

Here's a link to a PDF of JLA:Classified #37 that I actually split with Kanila Trip but the rest are all me and the preview is my colors except for the cover.


I haven't taken any pics with my D200 two weeks and it's killing me... but I have gotten to spend time with Stephanie and it's the only time I've been able to unwind and not have to DO stuff.. just chill