Thursday, May 24, 2007

the house is coming along

So the place is looking awesome... and that's 95.9% because of Tawny... She's been a painting mad woman and I've helped a tiny bit but have been trying to work and it's not been that productive of a later week for me (which will make sense later).


I did get the Garden in and we now have:

2 squash plants (yellow and crook neck yello)
2 Tomatos (rutgars and something else)
2 Eggplants
2 jalopeno plants
1 sweet basil herb
1 lemon basil herb
1 oregano plant
1 tarragon plant

All in all it looks pretty good and I hope that I got big enough starter plants to beat the Edwards on there vegetables.

My Room is still a work in progress and the Garage is FULL of boxes but we've decied to have a garage sale to put the money towards a flat screen pasma/LCD for over the fireplace... that's in the air but I think we can sell some stuff via ebay too.

I no longer have a girlfriend but it ended at a good time in the relationship to prevent any sort of broken heart situation for either of us I think but it's never easy and I hope she's finds happness elseware.. it's funny that's pretty much all I want for the people I'm with... be happy...

Tonight is Off The Air at the Fatcat... so I'll do a little unwinding and then walk my bike home to advoid that DUI that's been looming on my horrizin since I turned ... who am I kidding 16.. hah (no I've never got one but I should have). I love living so close to downtown.. ride my bike to it then walk it home... mostly walk.

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