Friday, March 30, 2007

too much.. too much, no seattle

so... I'm down to 11 gigs free on my Photo Hard Drive.. and now my new D200 shoots gigs of pics like a R.O.U.S. (Rodents Of Unusual Size) going through a block of california cheeder... well I don't know if that anlogy works but it's funny if you know what I'm talking about. So long story short I decied to go through my old shots and delete the crap. I used to keep every image no matter how shitty or blurry.. hard drive space is cheap right? Hah, well I found some good pics that never mad it to the light of day like the one here but I also started to torture myself by going through a million old GF pics... so I think a new hard drive will cost less then the added therapy at some point.

Well and I'm down anyway... I had to cancel my flight to Seattle that I was going to take TODAY because I'm too sick to go (I hate making decisions like an adult). I'm at home and drinking white tea, painting, photo-editing and drawing... it might be productive but I'm down and I don't need to be any further down.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

SF on a Sunny Sunday

Had a great day out shooting on Sunday... pitcher of Stella and walking, here's a cross sampling:



not so safe harbor of sleep
by atp

there's something about the time before sleep
after the real world of your day
you can't seem to remember
to forget what haunts your soul

the space after bills, food and work
after drinks, friends, work and work
after the busy times
when you brain can't remember
...can't remember to forget

before the sweet innocent slumber
when dreams rule and reality dies
flying, diving, living in a world not your own but your own
but most importantly a world that has forgotten

unless it slips as dreams will do from time to time to time
and she creeps in under the door
through the vault
around the curtain
through the key hole

not a nightmare... no monsters, no death
just memories
but oh so sad, afterwards
your dreams, your sleep, your peace

has failed you

yet to get there...
a chance to sleep
a chance to forget
a chance not to remember

so tired


Sunday, March 11, 2007

instant fav

took this today at Tony's wedding... Great time out in the middle of nowhere (past Jamestown on HWY108).

It's 4:05 am... and it wound't be that late if the fucking time didn't change on me today.. tonight, whatever.

Interesting time, work today... road up wiht Forrest, then was the lighting guy and 3rd photographer in the wedding (fine by me.. no preasure). Then felt a little restless on the way home (got a ride with the Edwards). Did an hour or two at the Queen Bean's... had an interesting conversation about how hair is back in (not back hair but body hair) and actually finished a page of JLACLA#38... waiting for Jeff to get back to town.

So I ended up at my friend Emily's birthday kegger with Jeff Bonia (here's a flyer I wipped up for him using one of my watercolors but the text took longer I think then the painting)...

So now it's 4am-ish... going to the City to do photo's tomorrow with my Massy... can't wait just wish I could sleep, well I suppose when I'm dead...

Friday, March 09, 2007

here we are again

It's 2:30 am.. and I'm awake.. but not wide awake.. thank god for Tylenol PM

So I will be a sleep very soon, well as soon as I can get my eyes shut and my brain to turn off.. damn thing won't stop.

Wondercon was awesome! Saw some old friends (thanks for drinks, dinners, ect...) and got to know a few more.

I did take a few pics but the best ones where of David Baron


Thursday, March 01, 2007

...night 2 of insomnia

that's it I can't fucking sleep.. I've been laying here in bed for 3 hours..

I guess I have a lot of shit running around in my head but I'm not ready to share it with anyone.