Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Working Class Premiere in San Diego

Thursday, September 8, MOPA
Admission: $10 General, $8 MOPA & Sezio Members
Doors Open @ 7 pm
Tickets are limited to this event.

*MOPA and Sezio members will be verified at the front door.

A tale of two cities through the eyes of artists Mike Giant (SF) and Mike Maxwell (SD). A film by Jeff Durkin.

The Silent Comedy will perform before the screening.

Film Description: Working Class is a feature documentary loosely based on Charles Dickens book "A tale of two cities." With San Francisco artist Mike Giant, and San Diego artist Mike Maxwell discussing themes found in Dickens 1859 novel that are just as relevant today. Religion, War, Family, History, and Art are chapters that tell the tale of the artists, the cities they live in and how history repeats itself. The two Mikes have been allies in underground art for over a decade and have gained respect for creating art based on the everyday people they see around them.

Check out the New trailer here: Click Me