Monday, September 10, 2012

Coloring a BattlePug Page

Here's a walk thru of my coloring a BattlePug page.  This one sucks for me because I hate spiders (Thanks Mike!).

So I start by getting a b&w from Mike Norton

The First step in coloring is the setup or what's usually called "Flatting."

A lot of coloring tutorials don't really go much in to the flatting part but the way I like to do it a large item break up first.  Here's and example of that first step (ugh... spiders).

Here you can see that I've continued to break things up... There are a lot of Flatting tutorials out there so if your curious I'd do a search for one.

With BP I always do the PUGS first... it's because I need to digitally paint on the dark parts first.  Then I can go thru and render everything thing lighter.  The pug is mostly colored with airbrush and a bit of cut & grad.

Then the characters...  I kinda hate spiders so I saved them for last.  I'm also doing this tutorial because I hate spiders... I'll have to take a shower after this.

...and Finally the spiders and backgrounds. I wanted to put as much diversity into the spiders as Mike did the art for each one.

so that's it...

check out the final version with Lettering here ...and if you like BattlePug please help support the web comic by buying a Hard Copy collection of the first year printed by DarkHorse here!

Check out the amazing work of Mike Norton

...and I can't find a link but the great letter Chris Crank too!