Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Woverine windsor CMYK

Long Night last night... had 2 pages left out of my batman book and we had a crazy storm blow through. I guess there where reported gusts of 60 mph and I personally had 2 power outages during it all. My internet went out around 11:30pm pst and I was done with the pages by midnight. So I stayed up waiting for the net to come up and as off 3am no go.. this is one of the things I did to keep busy. So here I am at Starbucks at 8am sending out the pages because my internet is still down at home.

I guess I should say that this is from a page that I scaned from an old X-men 205 drawn by Barry Windsor Smith. I love his art... not his color (to be fair this originaly was colored a head of it's time in 1982.. it's just that he still colors this way ie: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Windsor-Smith). So what I did was delete a lot of "snow line art" and did my own.. along with actually coloring the line art of the Wolvie and the litttle girl.

Monday, February 13, 2006


ok.. probaly the most amzing sunset I've ever scene.. and it was out my back door