Monday, October 09, 2006

Shoot em up

I had a blast... literally on Sunday.

As I drove by the Mint Club (or what used to be the mint club I have no idea of it's name now) I saw some people out doing some pistol quick draw trials.

I stopped to take a few shots (with my camera) and they asked if I would like to give it a try. So I did.

I had a blast.. it wasn't easy but it was fun and I got a time of less then .45 of a second.

I guess they will be having another shoot on November 11.

If your interested check it out. I think they would love some new blood and well it is pretty fun.

here's a web link:

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Polarization runs deep and Seeing the price of WAR in Iraq

I listen to a lot of NPR and some other talk radio... and although this is interesting topic alone that I want to find more info about; different groups of people be them conservative or liberal obtain there news for different sources so they get different information to base ther judgments on.

ok, maybe just a blurb... basically Conservatives tend to watch FOX and listen to Rush, Savage, or similar radio. While liberals tend to get ther news form NPR, CNN and places like the New York times. So the theroy is that in the past we all had our different point of views but we probaly obtained most of our information from the same boradcast on CBS, NBC and the rest of the old media outlets.

Now... well I think I made my point, I think there are very few non-polarized outlets for any information even if its an ABC news broadcast taking it easy on corporate sponsers that are dumping cyanide into babies mouths as they sleep or NPR commending tree spikers for there kill numbers of loggers.... now those are both really outrageous and I'm trying to make a point not take a side.. infact I think of myself as neither conservative or liberal.. and certainly not Democrat or Republican.. "f" them both...

I think our current politcal parties have muddied the water and really are nothing more then mouth peices for there corporate sponsers... it's sad.

Republican's are no longer the party of Lincoln just as Deomcrats woud be scared as hell of Johnson.

But all that said.. I'm certainly not a radical! I belive in Air I can breath and an economic system that is self-sustaining. A government that doesn't make my decisions for me but protects me from people that hate me because I'm an american.

.... man ok that was a rant.. and I have a really good post that I want to put up about the cost of the war coming though but I'll save it for next time. Here's a hint.. think about all the federal funding being cut for good things (EPA's public libary, FDA enforcement of certain drugs, there's lots... and they all seem to be cuts to help the current white houses supporters).