Sunday, November 12, 2006

my dad his hobbies our dog and my work

so my dad has a new hobbie.. it seems he's collecting Horses.. he's up to 3 now (Dino, Princess and Barbie)

I was worried because he kept buying saddles on ebay and at one point he had 4 saddles and one horse. I think now he's addressed the inequality of that.. heh


Cher was cool with them at first but I guess Dino kicked her and nows she's a bit wary of the REALY big dumb dogs

I wanted to go riding today but JLACLA#30 is due tomorrow and well.. I have to spend my day at starbucks, rendering and listing to an old spy novel. Man those russians where good bad guys.. almost as bad as the Nazis.. stupid terrorists aren't very interesting compared but I think the Chi-coms are coming around nicely and we can hate them soon.

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