Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trinity Covers Galore

So I got to do 6 more covers for Trinity Recently and brings the total up to 21 covers that I've colored on the series.

#1-6, 19-21, 28-30, 40-48

It's been a great run and I've really enjoyed working on a book from start to finish. I'm also pretty happy considering how a grueling a weekly can be with deadlines but the 10 pages a week wasn't too bad.

Here's the last two triptychs.

TRI Cv 43-44-45

TRI Cv 46-47-48


Adm Golub said...

I like the Top one a lot, but I still think that the Statue cover is the best one you have done for Trinity.

Student Entrepreneur said...

My boys thought your cover were really cool!!